17 September 2014

Nanjizal update: Barred and Aquatic Warblers ringed

Ringing at Nanjizal has continued at a fair pace, with the September ringing total now just over 1000 birds. The totals for some species are also really building now, including 44 Grasshopper Warbler (138 for the year), 182 Sedge Warbler (1248 for the year), 98 Whitethroat, 400 Blackcap, 78 Chiffchaff and four Redstart. Even better are the tit totals: just eight Blue and two Great!

On the rarer front, both juvenile Barred and Aquatic Warbler have been caught, adding to the already impressive species list for the year, and a close call was a Western Bonelli's Warbler sat by a furled net on 15th.

Barred Warbler ringed on 8th September
Aquatic Warbler ringed on 9th September, caught as nets were being furled!
Anyone wanting to ring at Nanjizal over the remainder of the autumn (and needing somewhere to stay), should have a look at the Nanjizal page on the blog for more info.

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