13 February 2022

Our ninth Herring Gull visits France

Perhaps it's the fact that the weather is so wet and windy in Cornwall at the moment that another of our juvenile gulls has made the trip across the Channel to France. On Friday, W:377 was seen on the southern coast of Brittany near Sarzeau, loafing on a raft (for terns) with other juvenile gulls.

W:377 at Marais de Suscinio

Ringed as a chick in Falmouth in 2020 it hasn't been far before, last seen at Stithians Reservoir in August last year. See below it's short history, very helpfully prduced by the app created for us by Stephen Vickers, which you can use to report gulls to us here.

This is the ninth of our colour-ringed birds to have been seen in France, so it'll be interesting to see if it returns in the spring. Many thanks to Catherine and Michel Marcaultfor reporting W:377 and also for the photos.

W:377 at Stithians Reservoir in August 2021