15 May 2014

Corvid-day at Stithians

Myself and Simon Taylor (the enthusiastic nest recorder) spent yesterday morning mopping up a few nests at Stithians Reservoir, including three Carrion Crow nests (all with ringable chicks) and a Magpie (empty and possibly predated).

Bit of a climb for me, but a great view for these chicks!
I want my mum...

In the end we ringed nine chicks, which is probably more than done in the county in the last couple of decades! A quick check of the nestboxes confirmed the very low occupancy this year (as last), with birds variously laying, incubating or with small chicks. One Blue Tit (a retrap of a bird ringed at the feeders here in December 2013) was even incubating 11 eggs, which is pretty impressive!

A more expected clutch size, this time a Great Tit

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