2 July 2016

Better Kittiwake news but bad for Barn Owls

The last few days have been rather busy, so only a quick update for now! In essence, Barn Owls seem to be doing quite badly (deserted clutches, stunted growth and massively reduced broods) whilst the Kittiwakes at Trewavas Head seem to be doing OK. We've also managed a ringing demonstration at Gunwalloe and hosted a visiting ringer from Devon.

More details to follow once we've caught up after Great Black-backed Gulls, Kittiwakes and Storm Petrels tomorrow, but for now enjoy a few Kittiwake pics from Trewavas Head...

We counted at least 71 nests which is the most we've ever had here:
birds from the crashing Rinsey colony perhaps?
Most birds were a good size for ringing,
but some were too small even for a metal ring
AU is an interesting bird. Now breeding at Trewavas Head,
it was ringed as a breeding bird at Rinsey in 2012 and seen there
three times in 2013 but not seen in either 2014 or 2015.

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