3 May 2016

Back into the mud for the Gunwalloe CES

The start of our Constant Effort Site season at Gunwalloe is always a slow affair, but this morning's session was even quieter! The new boardwalk in one of the rides did make life rather a lot easier, but the catch of just 12 birds was a bit disappointing... We've actually only managed the first session twice since 2011 as it's normally too windy, but catching 16 birds in 2014 and 19 birds in 2015.

The warbler catch was just four Reeds and three Sedge, but three of these were already ringed, which is where the real value lies. The retrap Sedge we'd ringed in May 2015 (and recaught a month later) and the Reeds were ringed as an adult in 2014 (and recaught twice in 2015) and a juvenile in 2013 (recaught once in 2014 and twice in 2015).

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