11 April 2016

Gunwalloe finally gets some boardwalk!

Many months (or even years!) in the planning, we finally managed to lay some boardwalk at our CES site at Gunwalloe. The boards were ones taken up at College Reservoir to be replaced by newer boards, so we were able to relocate them to our reedbed ringing site. Considering the net-ride was waist deep in mud and water in places, this was no mean feat, but a small group of ringing group regulars suffered the mud to get the job done.

The before and after photo above gives an idea of the vast improvement this will make for accessing the site!


  1. Great, we got some at our CES site last year and it made a huge difference. I suggest you put some wire mesh down over the boards though - just chicken wire is better than nothing- they can get extremely slippery!!

    1. We did think about that, but as it's a SSSI it took long enough to agree the consent in the first place, so adding chicken wire would be a step too far (at the moment)!