13 March 2015

2015 breeding season is upon us

Despite being a bit restricted in ringing activity of late, a spare sunny day seemed the ideal opportunity to nip back to Rinsey to check out the seabird situation. Following last year's late season, I was only really expecting a few early-returning Kittiwakes, but was pleasantly surprised.

Only a dozen Kittiwakes were were back on the cliffs, but these did include CA, an adult bird we ringed last summer, and also a French-ringed bird, but this headed out to sea before I could get a 'scope on it to get the full combination of colour rings.

CA (top right) back on its ledge
But more pleasing was our first Shag egg of the season, with one pair having at least one, possibly two, eggs (just about visible below). This is a full month earlier than last year, but about the same time as in 2013, so here's hoping it'll be a return to successful breeding seasons...

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