25 January 2015

St Ives gulls on the BBC

We've blogged a bit about some of the gull work we've been involved with in St Ives (here, here and here), but the BBC show that funded this was eventually broadcast earlier this evening on BBC1. If you're quick you can catch it on iPlayer for the next few days (available here).


The programme is worth a watch, but for those pressed for time, the amusing bits to look out for are us catching a few birds from 14:40 and a hint at some of the GPS logger results from 32:20, although they gloss over the fact that since the summer we've accumulated over 35 million data points from these birds!


  1. Picked up the programme on iPlayer-many thanks for the link, somehow I missed it on the 25th. Beautiful images of the gulls in flight and close up. I have decided this year to look out for ringed birds as part of my bird watching, having seen all the effort you guys go to.
    Great image of you diving for the herring gulls-I noticed a few scraped knuckles!

  2. Colour-ring reading can be very addictive, so beware Suzie!