14 November 2013

Mauritania Sedge Warbler and a Cormorant caught in the act

We recently received a whole bunch of reports back from BTO of birds we'd either ringed or recaught ourselves. The map below shows the spread of these reports and gives a good overview of where the birds we're ringing/seeing are coming from and going to. The map below shows birds ringed by us found elsewhere (in red) and birds ringed elsewhere recaught/seen by us (in blue), and you can zoom in to see more detail. Clicking on a line will also give you the full details for the movement: species, dates, places...

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The furthest movements are a Sedge Warbler ringed at Gunwalloe recaught by French ringers 2400 miles away in Mauritania and a Polish-ringed Mediterranean Gull seen on the Hayle estuary (along with a Channel Islands Herring Gull). The movement to Mauritania is expected as this is where Sedge Warblers go, but is still only thew second from Cornwall to Mauritanis, with fewer than 25 BTO-ringed birds found there!

Other long-distance movements include Storm Petrels in all directions, with two birds to Skokholm Island (expect more from here as ringing has started a fresh here) and birds recaught from the Channel Islands and Co Wexford. We've also now got all the details back on the various colour-ringed Kittiwakes now breeding in Cornwall (more info on these here). These are all from the same French colony, but the interchanges are proving pretty fascinating!

View Recent recoveries 2013 in a larger map

A bit closer to home, a couple more of our colour-ringed Herring Gulls have been seen. Another bird from Falmouth visited Stithians Reservoir and a bird from Rinsey Cliffs was seen on the beach at Marazion. These birds all have a blue ring with code W:000 to W:999 so keep an eye out for these around the coast or at any gatherings of gulls. Another of our colour-ringed birds reported was a Cormorant caught in netting whilst stealing fish from an inland fishery, but was happily untangled and released unharmed. Wonder if it's learnt its lesson??

We don't have a photo of Cormorant TAH caught at the fish farm,
but here's TAB also ringed on Mullion Island

One final interesting movement is a Sedge Warbler ringed at Nanjizal and then recaught five days later at Gunwalloe, almost directly due east. We've also had recent reports of some of our Sedge Warblers moving north in autumn, so I wonder if these are actually heading out of the country somewhere further east and not directly or through the Isles of Scilly as expected...

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