8 July 2013

New moon Stormies and an old Kittiwake

The current new moon (and rare calm conditions for The Lizard!) gave us our second opportunity of the year to catch a few Storm Petrels. The night started a bit quiet, but by 2am (when Tony had left) things picked up and we ended the night at 3am with 79 new birds and a ringed bird which looks to be from Co Dublin.

When you catch a good number of Stormies there's always a few missing toes or feet and last night was no exception, with one footless bird and one missing a whole lower leg! Birds seem to do OK with bits missing (presumably nipped off by fish), so we ringed both birds on the good leg and away they went.

We also took advantage of the low tides a new moon brings to get into the zawn at Rinsey to colour ring a few more Kittiwakes. However, with so few birds actively breeding though this was never going to be easy, and most birds went out to loaf on the sea before we got close. Not all bad news though, as there's always been one metal-ringed bird in the colony that I've wanted to catch, but it was always a bit too high on the face. But with a bit of patience and effort we managed to catch this bird - originally ringed as a chick on Tresco, Isles of Scilly, in 1998! So this is now sporting a new colour ring (CC - below) and it'll be interesting to keep track of this bird from now on.

15-year-old 'CC', now a Rinsey resident

Only other birds of note were a couple of Shags ringed and a few more Herring Gulls also colour-ringed in addition to our urban birds.

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